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Firearms International

Firearms International eGun-Self Defense Civilian User Course-5/14/22 @10am-12pm

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Passing the course will qualify you towards 5% off the Taser Puls Plus purchase. You will be able to purchase a Taser right after our class. 

*Subject to a background check - eCrim.


DESCRIPTION: Firearms International TASER course is run by a certified Military Nonlethal Individual Weapons Instructor, SFC Jester R. Granados /25W/USA. Along with military experience, he is also certified as a basic pistol instructor with the NRA (National Rifle Association). This course is designed to provide TASER knowledge, skills, and details of the bill to civilians and teaches the following:

  • TASER safety - The safe use and handling of Electric guns
  • Basic Principles of an electric gun – principles, characteristics, and Nomenclature for the TASER+ and strikelight
  • Effects, dangers, risks, and limitations of electric guns
  • Self-Defense, defense of another person, or protection of property - Refer to §703-304 Use of force in self-protection
  • Existing state laws
  • The proper disposal of electric guns


Both the core instruction and any additional instruction are conducted in a classroom/training environment. Students will be evaluated on the practical knowledge and competence of handling an electric gun safely.


WHO: The TASER course is open to the public. Any person 21 and over who desires to own, possess, or control any electric gun. There is a maximum of 10 participants in each class and must follow social distancing and CDC COVID guidelines. Contact Store at 808-400-4011 or email at for availability and enrollment.


WHEN: The course consists of two (2) hours of instruction divided between classroom interactive lecture and dry fire & live-fire training. Upon successful completion of training, each individual will be issued a certificate of Electric Gun Safety Training and the appropriate completed paperwork to purchase an Electric Gun.



WHERE: Firearms International TASER course is located at Firearms International in Honolulu, Hawaii. 1150 N Nimitz Highway, #5 Honolulu, HI 96817.



a. Students must pay to reserve seats and pay prior to the class date. (No walk-ins available)

b. Equipment. All training equipment for instruction will be included in the course. It is encouraged to Pen/Paper, water, a jacket, and eye protection. Eye protection will be available for purchase if needed.

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