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Taser or E-Gun

Starting January 1st, 2022, the ownerships and carrying of E-Arms are legal in the state of Hawaii. 

Find more info on details by visiting LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF HAWAII.

Here are some information's you should know before you commit to purchasing the E-Gun

- Dealers must be licensed by the county they are in to sell E-Arms. 
- Dealers must conduct background checks.
- Dealers must provide an instructional briefing on the use, the effects, storage and disposal, and current laws. 
- Dealers will register E-Arms that they sell. 
- Tasers can only be used for self-defense, the defense of others, and the protection of property.
- People prohibited from owning firearms are prohibited from owning E-Arms. 
- E-arms must be stored to prevent access to them by minors
- E-arms can not be loaned, shared, or used by anyone other than the purchaser
- It is a felony to possess or use E-Guns while committing a separate crime.

    *Definition of Self-Defense: Hawaii Revised Statute 703